“Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?”

                                                                                            -Michael Palin

Geography at Swimbridge 


At Swimbridge CE Primary School, our Geography curriculum is ambitiously designed to kindle a vibrant curiosity, fascination, and appreciation for the world in our children. It aims to provide them with a diverse and comprehensive understanding of people, places, and both natural and human geography. Our curriculum progresses from the local to the global, ensuring that each step involves comparing and contrasting with the touchstone of the local environment.

Adopting a globally thematic approach, our curriculum equips children with the necessary geographical skills to collect, analyze, and effectively communicate data acquired through hands-on fieldwork experiences. This progression deepens their comprehension of geographical processes. We emphasize diverse communication methods, including maps, numerical and quantitative skills, and extended writing, empowering each child to convey geographical information effectively.

Engaging our children, the curriculum stimulates interest in the world around them, nurturing inquisitive, resilient, and independent thinkers. We celebrate the voice of the child, fostering an environment where children confidently express their thoughts. Our aim is to inspire active global citizens who challenge conventional thinking and build on their cultural capital, learning, and experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Through this approach, our Geography curriculum promotes a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, preparing children to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing world.


Children are provided with high-quality teaching and learning experiences drawing on a range of pedagogies to engage a love of learning within the children. Each child as they progress through the school will cover the National Curriculum in its entirety. Our two-year rolling programme will be rigorously monitored and evaluated in order to ensure high standards are achieved. We will further develop the range and quality of resources available to all children to enrich and support their learning in geography. The use of external experts and resources, including trips and visitors coming into school, will be an important part of the learning programme. This will enhance the children’s enjoyment and therefore engagement in geography.


During our Engage Stage, you should see children:


During our Develop Stage, you should see children:


During our Innovate Stage, you should see children:


During our Express Stage, you should see children:

History & Geography Overview website.pdf

Curriculum Overview

Geography - Key End Points.pdf

Geography End Points

Geography - Knowledge & Skills Progression (1).pdf

Geography Knowledge and Skills

Geography National Curriculum.pdf

Geography National Curriculum

“Geographical knowledge, understanding and skills provide the frameworks and approaches that explain how the Earth’s features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change over time.”

National Curriculum, 2014

Northam Burrows- Geography Fieldtrip- Discoverers Class

Skern Lodge- Geography Fieldtrip- Explorers Class

Year 5 and 6 Geography Fieldwork Trip-

 Exeter Cathedral