“Every child is an artist"

- Pablo Picasso

Art at Swimbridge 


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Art Curriculum

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Art Skills and knowledge progression

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Art Progression of Vocabulary

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Art Subject Rationale

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Art Curriculum Pathways


Art End Points

"Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils"

National Curriculum, 2014

 Art Gallery at Swimbridge 

Year 3 and 4-

Drawing- Gestural Charcoal

Year 1 and 2-

Drawing -Spirals

Year 5 and 6- 

3D- Brave Colour

Year 5 and 6- 

Paint, Surface, Texture- Exploring Identity

Year 3 and 4-

Print, Colour and Collage

Working with shape and colour

Year 1 and 2-

Community and Collaboration

Inspired by Flora and Fauna

Year 1 and 2-


Making Birds

Year 5 and 6 -

3D- Architecture

Year 5 and 6 -

Drawing- 2D drawing to 3D making

Year 1 and 2 -

Print, Colour and Collage-


Art Enrichment at Swimbridge

Sketchbook Club with local Illustrator Victoria Owen

Inventors Trip to Bristol- Banksy focus/ Graffiti workshop

Visit to the 'Fablab' in Barnstaple to explore 3D printers, vinyl and laser cutters.