Curriculum Intent

To Inspire, Enable and Educate- 'For life in all its fullness' (John 10V10)

At Swimbridge CE Primary School we aim to provide a ambitious, vibrant and inclusive curriculum which inspires all our pupils and maximises attainment. Our school ethos is centred on ‘Inspiring, Enabling and Educating’ and stands firmly on the Christian vision that every child should have the opportunity to ‘Live Life in All Its Fullness’, (John: 10V10). Our provision is child centred, creative and innovative, fostering curiosity and a love of learning. As a school we look to the future and aim to prepare our children to be resilient, reflective learners able to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. We strive to create future leaders and global citizens who are equipped with a broad knowledge of the world along with the Christian values of Wisdom, Hope, Community, Dignity and Love. 

In order to achieve this, we have created a dynamic and innovative, thematic curriculum which meets our statutory obligations and engages and excites our learners. Our curriculum has been designed to effectively fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum, providing secure understanding of core knowledge and skills, whilst stimulating interest in the world in which we live and promoting an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our curriculum builds on the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is centred on three key drivers:

- Creative, active, experiential learning
- Being part of a global community
- Innovation, enterprise and sustainability

These three drivers are underpinned by the Christian Values of the school, wellbeing of pupil and staff and positive learning behaviours. We feel passionately that it is important for our children to grow up knowing about the world in which they live, developing an understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens, a genuine appreciation of diversity and an opportunity to connect creatively with others. Through each theme, our curriculum provides us with the opportunities to examine a range of global issues relevant to their lives in the real world. 

At Swimbridge, we place emphasis on the voice of the child and the contributions of the community in which our children live; thus promoting the development of a spiritually, vibrant learning community, to which all members contribute within which all feel appreciated and valued, and through which all are empowered to be successful.  

At Swimbridge the Curriculum subjects are led by teams of teachers that have a particular interest and specialist knowledge in the subject that they are developing and overseeing. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is present in each team so that there is a clear oversight in regards to curriculum direction and alignment to the school’s Curriculum Drivers. A governor is also part of each team so that there is an additional layer of support and challenge. Each curriculum Team has pupil ambassadors who help further the vision of each of the teams throughout the school.








Creative Team



Life Curriculum

Early Years

Humanities and Language Team




Modern Foreign Language


At Swimbridge Church of England Primary School, we aim to offer a coherently planned, inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that is both aspirational and creative in its approach.  Through whole school topics, we ensure coverage of the Early Years Framework and all subjects within the Primary National Curriculum.

​We place huge importance on reading and on the quality of teaching and learning across all subjects. To find out more about our curriculum at Swimbridge, you can visit your child's class page or view all the Long Term Plans below.

Adventurers Class

Reception Long Term Plan

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Discoverers Class

Year 1/2 Long Term Plan

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Explorers Class

 Year 3/4 Long Term Plan

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Inventors Class 

Year 5/6 Long Term Plan

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